About us

Elemental Investments Incorporated is the Wall Street trading company which was incorporated in New York in 2018. The company is making accent on financial market operations at London Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and CME Group for financial gain.

TOP PRIORITY of Elemental Investments is to observe American and Russian law.

OUR MISSION is to develop the world economy including through the foreign asset management.

Risk Management: the company sees merit in opening and holding large positions on securities and derivatives markets. Some of the latest financial results are represented in section “Trading Reports”.


Elemental Investments shall not be limited to only securities market itself. It does use different sophisticated financial strategies and instruments, such as debt obligations, derivatives, major world indices, commodities and currencies, forward contracts and many other instruments traded on the OTC-market.

MAIN ADVANTAGES of Elemental Investments are growth of capital, maximization of profits, dealing with investment risks and maintaining liquidity of assets at a high level.

Elemental Investments does work not only with the leading US-financial markets participants, but we do effectively cooperate with a number of European, Russian and Asian brokerage firms and investment companies, as well.

Analysts working for Elemental Investments give preference to profound investigation of the American, Russian and the world economy.

Kind regards,

Dmitri Nedospelov

The President of Elemental Investments Inc.